This is a blog about a Harry Potter character named Katie Bell. This blog is set up for a rp, so some of the things may not be true to the actual Katie Bell from the Harry Potter series.

Hey Everyone  

Sorry that I haven’t been on in forever! I miss everyone! If anyone wants to RP tonight just hit me up :)

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Reblog if you immediately heard this in their voices.Extra points if you started singing out loud. 


Reblog if you immediately heard this in their voices.
Extra points if you started singing out loud. 

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I got my headphones in and  

am ready to rp ^_^

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Yes Hello I am back  

Hello to aurorapplebee and aurorjohnson and everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtney gave me a good what for and I decided to shape up and get going! Actually I think she was being a good friend and getting me away from the vampire smut I was writing!!!

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Hello everyone!!!!!! 

I have missed all of you! So what is up? Who wants to RP!

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Anon or what ever I don’t care just hit up my ask box!!!!!!!!!

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Draco's Chance: OOC: GUYS GUYS GUYS LOOK. 


Omg so I signed online, and currently the Dramione awards are going on!

I was nominated for the following:

  • Best Summer Fanfic —> Shades of Grey by anondracomalfoy
  • Best Dramione blog —> anondracomalfoy
  • Best Dramione Fanfic —> Shades of Grey by anondracomalfoy
  • Best Draco role player —>…

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Guess whose going to Indiana on Sunday! 



Usually I don’t give a fuck about Indiana. But I miss Amber and I need to get away from my family for awhile! 

Guess who is super excited to see you 

and who has lots of rum!

ME!!!! I am so excited for this! 

I am really hoping I can get some people together to play Doctor Who role playing game I got while you are here!

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In Another Life.: Announcement: 


I will be going to Indiana for a few weeks to visit Amber (Katie Bell and Alicia). I will be leaving this Sunday and I will be gone for like three weeks. I will bring my computer and ipod and I’ll have internet there. ((Well it may be spotty for the first week because we are going to the lake.))… 

I am sorry for stealing her guys but I miss my friend and am so excite to get to see and hang with her! I do have Fios (very decent internet provider) at my house but like she said at the lake there is wi-fi but it is spotty and a pain in the neck plus in my camper only one device can be on it at a time :( I promise to let her log on for time to time though :D 

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OOC I just relized I have not been on here in like a week :( How could this happen?!? 

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Running Errands (Katie’s 2nd bump in with a death eater *Alecto Carrow*)  


The minuscule second it took for the young girl’s expression to register Alecto was all it took for her wand to point straight at her chest. She was a witch, just like herself, which meant that the wand could, and most likely would, be used. 

“I’m not in Azkaban because of a mistake your Headmistress committed. And I don’t mind if you alert the ministry — but by the time they get here, you’ll be writhing on the ground and I’ll be nowhere to be found. You make your decision.” Alecto said, dropping her purchases once more.

She held her wand hand steady, her grip tight along the wood grain. Just a small flick of her wrist and she could stun the girl long enough the apparate away and go into hiding.  

Katie was about to do a spell that would alert the Ministry when she heard a muggle talking about a commotion coming from that alley. She started to wonder if it was their fighting or the dog that caught the attention of people on the street. She knew at time she could forget how loud she could get and wondering if she had gotten louder then she though when she was threatening Alecto.  Either way she decide she better go deal with the human before this became a bigger issue.

But this would mean letting Alecto escape. “You are lucky that I have to back down this time! Plus it would just be senseless to fight in broad daylight especially on such a busy street. Just hope we never run into each other again or I will make sure you are captured this time.”

Katie started to walk backwards and still had her wand raised and at the ready. She did not think Alecto would hex her or try anything with her since she was backing off, but Katie knew you can never ever trust a death eater. Heck they could not even trust each other from what she knew.

As she reach the end of the alley she quickly pocketed her wand and looked around for the muggle she heard talking. He had someone else that was in a uniform with him. She ran up to them and told them that she had investigated the alley and all that was there was a mangy old dog fighting with a fat old tom cat for food scraps.

The muggle started to prattle on that he had heard shouting too and Katie interrupted him and said that the shouting was just her yelling at the tom cat to shoo and after that she shouted at the dog as an attempt to scare him and get him to run off. This story satisfied the two muggles and they started to walk away.

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At Ye Old Leaky Cauldron  


“Thank you. We’ll just have to see whether it’ll be exciting or not,”said Lee leaning back in his chair. It was odd having to reintroduce himself to people he had worked with for years and odder still to remember they didn’t remember him. Katie grinned and congratulated him and Tara.”I hope so. I feel as though they are.” He grinned at her compliment, “You give me too much credit, Bell. The fun was in the company.”

“Okay, sounds like a plan.” He bit into his sandwich and chewed it. He tried to think up a simple way of describing Karaoke while he waited for her to return. Carrot-oak-ee? Lee chuckled. That sounded like a strange type of tree. He nodded in thanks when she brought the drinks. He wiped his mouth with a napkin.”Karaoke. It means ‘empty orchestra’.There’s a screen and the words of the song are on it and they light up when you’re suppose to sing them. It’s more enjoyable with a group.That’s what we ought to do—have a party or something. We’ll have to check our calendars.” He grabbed his drink and gulped some of it down. “There’s so much I need to catch up on. It feels like ages. “

He wondered what other changes there might be in this time. He wanted to get as up to speed as he possibly could. He was going to have enough of a time trying to remember back five years. He’d never wanted a quiet life, but he had never imagined it becoming this complicated. He wondered how many people remembered and what all of this meant. He’d only spoken about it with George. This information wasn’t something that one simply let spill out.

“This singing thing sounds like an awesome idea. If you can get others together just let me know. I would love to hang out and spend time with all of you again. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tara either.” She said with a smile. I am hoping that soon everyone will get settled back into their lives and we can all see and hang out with each other like we used to.” 

She took a long drink from her glass and tried to think about what to say next.

“And no I am not giving you too much credit. You know you could be just as silly and funny as the rest of our group.  I will admit that you are partially right though. The fun was in the company. Our little group of friends is a very great group of people.”

They sat in silence for a bit and enjoyed their drinks. As Katie was nearing the bottom of her glass she starting thinking that she would probably call it an early night tonight. She thought she should start saying good bye.  

“Well Lee it was very lovely to see you. I am glad you are doing well. Again congrats on things with Tara, I am sure you two will make a very lovely couple. And if you do work things out with this whole party –singing event or just want someone to visit just send me an owl. Thank you for sitting her and keeping my company tonight, I really appreciated it. I think I am going to call it a night for now and hopefully I will see you again soon.”

She then stood up to give him a hug.  

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OOC: I have been busy 

And my mom and my little brothers came to visit sooner than expected. They were not supposed to be here til Sunday night. Not that that is a bad thing. I just have a 2 yr old little brother that is a one man wrecking crew so if I leave my laptop downstairs unattended he might break it and my other little brother uses the desktop to play games and facebook.

We also went to the zoo yesterday. It had just opened recently and my 9yr old brother wanted to go really bad. My aunt’s boyfriend also adopted a sea lion for her at our zoo for the year so we went to check that out.

So between friends and family I have been a pretty busy girl.

But I shall try my best to respond to the two people I have kept waiting. Sorry you two for the long response time/wait. 

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Job Offer: (OOC This is my personal blog) 


Would anyone want a job as my social network specialist? I say and do such weird, crazy, funny and silly things. I have always wished I could have someone follow me around and post on my (and yours if you choose) social networking what I say and do. 

The pay would be awful but there would tons of free food and if you were 21 and over free liqueur! (Under 21 free juice and soda)

Oh and plenty of laughs.  

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I think Katie is waiting on a reply and owes someone a reply. Let me work on some stuff for Alicia and then I will reply back on Katie’s blog to the person I owe a response to.

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